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Thanks to everyone who helped with promo
and to those who were lucky enough to collect...
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Also created the audio for the trailer
( Lo-Fi - use headphones )
Below are costumes and props
created for the film
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Original plastiline sculpture for Brian M. Viveros
followed by silicone glove-mold and plastic jacket sequence.
Cold-cast bronze "Dirty-Troopers"
Hollow casting with bronze-powder infused resin.
Reinforced core using high density urethane foam
Modifications on mannequin: Aug 2010
LCD screen in abdomen, eye-patch, nipple and areola,
arm-band, stress cracks and patina.
Created for Brian M. Viveros
Thinkspace Gallery - Los Angeles, CA

Helmet design also by Brian M. Viveros.
Note: Rihanna's video director
stole the idea for one of her videos...
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A few recent photographs
View more
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Process photos of the Desensitized bust created for
Dan Quintana and Brian Viveros
Copro Nason Gallery - Los Angeles, Ca
January 2009
Relief carving of Dexter Twain's Escape on Polyiso foam board.
Paining Dexter with silly goggles.
* * *
Hovel installation in the works - 2010
* * *
This is the only image I have of Hestur Amunik (2009) - He now lives in Munich.
Detail images of I Mustn't...
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Detail of Clump in Super-Sculpy before baking and silicone mold
* * *
A temporary installation with a spooked familiar somebody...
One of the earliest characters, "Craving Yo-Yos"
fabric shirt and trousers
(stripes were made with aerosol and masking - 2005)
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The Creeping Undead Puppet Show
A story of two police officers (Cap't & Roger) who witness the unimaginable
after responding to a call of a radiation leak at a nearby cemetery...

May 17th 2008
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